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February 14, 2013
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    Most Valentines Days are happy and some are sad and some are just weird. Well this one I will call a Yogtines day. Let me explain.
Iznj woke up on Valentines day morning or to her a normal day. You see Iznj never had loved anyone, but her brother and she had been spending the last few days, no, weeks, no months with him anyway. She yawned and climbed down from the tree she had been sleeping in careful not to wake her sleeping pets.
    "Happy Valentines day Leaf and Cherry," she whispered to them.
She climbed down and headed over to Littlewood's backpack. Totallyt had been sleeping inside of it for a while and Littlewood had been sleeping outside so they didn't need to waste room in the few tents they had tents. The only person she saw was Toon.
    "Morning," she mumbled. Toon turned around and saw her friend standing there.
    "Oh great you guys didn't leave without me," she sighed happily.
    "What do you mean?" Iznj asked.
    "I haven't seen anyone come out of the tents all morning," she told her.
    "They're probably crying like little babys," she sighed.
    "Why?" Toon asked.
    "Well it's Valentines day and Littlewood and Totallytoby are still stuck as a bunny and mouse and Kaeyi and Rylee arn't here. Lewis and Simon are here NOT Xephos and Honeydew. Lalna still has that Zoeya problem and Zoeya has the Rythian problem. Not to mention Minty isn't here and I dunno much about Sips," 
    "Oh yeah!" Toon realized
    "I never really cared for Valentines day," Iznj growled.
    "I know what you mean, but this must be hard for them," Toon sighed. 
    "Meh they'll get over it," Iznj mummbled.   
    "Why are you so grumpy today?" Toon asked.
    "Why would you care?" Iznj asked madly. Toon thought for a second. 
    'What's with her? She never been so upset, or at least from what I know,' Toon thought. Then it struck her.
    "You have never been loved have you!" Toon exclaimed.
    "W-what do y-you mean T-Totallyt loves me!?" Iznj asked.
    "He doesn't count! I mean your parents hated you and brothers don't count! Plus yo-," Toon started.
    "OKAY FINE! I never really been loved and Valentines Day was always the worst day for me, but that's not important right now," she interrupted.
    "Yeah what is important is we find Minty, Kaeyi, and Rylee. We can't help the rest," Toon replied.
    "No we need to also find Sparkles*," Iznj told her.
    "Why?" Toon asked "Do you LIKE him?"
    "NO!" Iznj hissed starting to blush.
    "Oh your blushing! You love Sparks*," Toon giggled. 
    "NO! When did you become such a girl. Anyway do you not remember his song. There's three parts to love, but he only lists two of them in the song," Iznj growled.
    "True. I'll go find Minty, Kaeyi, and Rylee and you go find Sparkles," she told Iznj. She nodded and they both set out. 
    In this chapter of W.O.Y. you shall follow 3 different stories. Iznj's story, Toon's story, and the story of what happens with our beloved Let's Players and belevie me it will end with a BANG!


    Iznj ran through the forest towards one of the known gates to M.C. Plaza. From there she can ask if anyone had seen him or if he was there, but she was not as focused as usual. All she could think about was what Toon had said.
'I do not have a thing for Sparkles*! Why would she say that,' Iznj thought angrily  She continued to say things like this to herself until she got to a small pond, but the bottom seemed to glow green. Naturally she dove in and when she was at the bottem she saw a small green glow underneath a rock. 
'There it is!' Iznj thought. She moved the rock out of the way and it reveled a small cave. She swam in and swam up until she got to a stone floor. She could now breath there because it was above the water. In the middle of the stone platform was a glowing green portal. She walked into the portal and soon appeared in a forest near a town. 
"Well I'm here," she sighed. Then a man with a clip board and red hair flew over to her.
"Hello Iznj. Long time no see," the man smirked.
"Hi Ridge. Do you know were Sparkles* is," she asked. 
"You never changed. Very focused on the task at hand. Wait! Why do you need Sparkles*?" he replied.
"Long story," she mumbled.
"I have time," Ridge said slyly.
"Fine! It all started when our little plan was put into action..." she growled.


    "Where would I find Minty, Rylee, and Kaeyi?" Toon asked herself. She desided to look in the Littlewoods first. 
    "Hey Minty, Rylee, Kaeyi? Are any of you here?" Toon yelled as soon as she arrived.  Then there was a rustle in a bush. Toon walked over and to her surprize she saw Rylee sitting there playing with a young squirrel. 
    "Hey Rylee!" Toon exclamed. Rylee jumped and then turned to see her friend.
    "Oh hey Toon I didn't see you there," Rylee said. 
    "Who's your friend?" Toon asked. 
    "I'm Chestnut or Chester! I'm a good friend of Toby's," he squeaked.
    "Toby sometimes tutors the younger residents here and Chester here is one of his best," she told Toon as she patted Chester on the head.
    "You're to nice," Chester blushed.
    "Well Rylee come with me. We need to find Minty and Kaeyi," Toon informed her.
    "Oh yeah it's Valentines day," she sighed sarcastically. 
    "Stop being sarcastic and let's go," Toon ordered. Then the two girls ran off.
    "Bye good luck and say hi to Toby for me," Chester yelled to the two girls. Rylee turned and waved but the Toon grabbed her scarf and almost choked her.
    "Okay I'm coming," she hissed. 

Camp (Lalna) 

    'I can't beleve this. Stuck her on Valentines day and to make matters worse stuck here on Valentines day with Zoeya. Plus we still have the whole Rythian trying to kill us all,' Lalna thought to himself. He looked around the camp and the only person he saw was Simon. 
"Oh it's only Simon," he sighed to himself. He walked over to the dwarf to say hi. 
    'I missed Honeydew but I'm was happy that I didn't need to hear him cry about that old woman what was her name Grannie Porkchop or something.Well whatever her name was she was dead and she has been for years,' Lalna would always say on Valentines Day.
    "Hello Simon," he greeted the dwarf. 
    "Oh hi Dun- I mean Lalna," Simon exclamed.
    "You'll never get used to that will you?" Lalna asked. Simon just shook his head.
    "Well what's Valentines Day like on Earth?" Lalna asked trying to change the subject.
    "It's not to much um people give eachother flowers and chocolates and sometimes people give me Jaffas and go on dates and stuff," Simon explained.
    "Well it doesn't sound different there at all," Lalna sighed. He was worried it would be weird. Then again so far nothing they talked about was weird infact what they said must have sounded weirder to him and Lewis because Mincraftia defenetly had more stuff in it or more like they knew more stuff then the um Earthians, as Lalna calls them, did.  
    "So um do you miss your Earthian friends?" Lalna asked.
    "Earthian? OH! Yeah I miss them but I got Lewis, but I wish they were here to meet all of you. I bet Duncan would LOVE to meet you. Also Hannah and Lomadia would get along great. Not to mention what Martyn would do when he saw Inthelittlebunny and Like or Sototallymouse. Let alone Toby," he laughed.
    "Is Rythian the way he is on Earth? What about Sips and Sjin? Lomadia? Nilesey? Zoeya? Inthelittlewood and LikeSototallytoby? Um Sparkles* and Parv? Ridge? Me?" Lalna asked very exitedly. He was amazed by his abilety to actully talk to someone from the planet he researched for years.
    "Rythian is DEFENETLY NOT the same person as the Rythian here. Um Sips and Sjin arn't very different but different in ways if that makes sense. Hannah and Lomadia are pretty much the same person. Nillesey is just like Lomadia...wait I mean like both he and Lomadia are like their um Earthian, I guess, selves. Zoey is pretty much the same person too. Martyn again is like Inthelittlewood and I don't really know Toby but I think he's like LikeSototallytoby. Sparks* and Parv again same. Ridge well not-the-same-at-all. And you well your both a lot a like but one thing is for sure...Duncan is no nucular scientist," he told Lalna trying to describe everyone the best he could. It was weird for both of them to explain their friends to a person who in a way is them but it was nice to just relax and talk for the first time in this adventure. For the first time in forever.


    "Ha ha seriously!" Ridge laughed as soon as she finished the story.  
    "Shut up! Pffffft I knew you would laugh," Iznj growled blushing again. 
    "Are you, Iznj, blushing?" Ridge laughed harder.
    "Your no help! I'm going to find someone who will ACTUALLY help me!" she yelled at him then she flew away. She flew around the area until she saw a man. He was wearing an amulet and sunglasses. 
    "Sky!" she yelled to him. He looked up and saw the girl flying.
    "Oh hey Iznj! What's up... well besides you," he yelled to the girl.
    "Funny. So do you know were Sparkles* is?" Iznj asked.
    "Yeah I saw him near the building made of butter," Sky told her.
    "Thanks!" she yelled. The build made of butter was actually a gold building but Sky and most of his army calls it gold. Once she got to the butter building or the golden building the first person was that red hair man.
    "What do you want Ridge," she growled.
    "He's not here anymore," he said in his sly voice.
    "Of course," she hissed.


    "So who are we looking for?" Rylee asked Toon as the two girls walked through the forest.
    "Minty and Kaeyi" Toon told her.
    "Minty's probably at the Captive Creeper," Rylee replied.
    "And that's were we're going," Toon said. The two girls walked for what seemed like hours and Toon told Rylee all about the whole  adventure.
    "Wow Lewis and Simon are handling it better than I though," Rylee laughed. 
    "Yeah yeah but I think they're more shocked by the fact this is even possable," Toon replied laughing a bit herself.
    "Well at least the plan worked," Rylee said happily. 
    "Well it's not done," Toon said darkly.
    "You sound like Iznj. Speaking of which, where is she?" She asked.
    "Oh I almost forgot to tell you of what happened earlyer," Toon giggled.
    Later that day the two girls arived at the one and only Captive Creeper.
    "Minty are you here?" Rylee yelled.
    "Geez Rylee I think you broke my eardrum," Toon joked "Plus the Captive Creeper isn't open and there is a woman who looks strangly like Minty here," she added sarcasticly.
    "Stop being sarcastic," Rylee hissed. Minty spun around after hearing the girls talking.
    "Hey girls! What's up?" Minty asked. 
    "Oh well um let us explain," Rylee said. Together the two girls at least tryed to explain what happened but they didn't exactly know what happened. 
    "Well I'll come and I know where Kaeyi is too," she told the two girls when they were done.
    "Really where?" they exclaimed at the same time.
    "I'm right here," a voice said. They turned around and saw Kaeyi standing there.
    "You've been here the whole time!" Toon chirped.
    "You've only been here for five minutes," Minty pointed out.
    "And I heard everything. So let's go," she told the girls. 
    "Oh I almost forgot to tell you about my little talk with Iznj," Toon giggled. 
    "Come on it's just a rumor you shouldn't be making up rumors about your friends," Rylee moaned.
    "I'm a bartender I hear TONS of rumors. Just tell me," Minty told Toon.
    "Okay well..."


    "Ridge do you know where he is," Iznj hissed at the red haired man.
    "Maybe maybe not," Ridge smirked.
    "What do you want?" Iznj asked.
    "Read this out loud and I'll show you," Ridge told her calmly. He handed her a piece of paper and as soon as she read it she staired back at Ridge.
    "How do you know!" Iznj hissed.
    "I'm Ridge. I hear rumors faster that Minty and that's saying a lot. She's a bartender," Ridge laughed.
    "I'm not going to," Iznj growled.
    "Fine then I won't do my end of the deal," Ridge said flying off.
    "FINE!" she yelled to the man. Ridge smiled and turned around. She looked at the paper and then read.
    "The rumors are true I love Sparkles*," she said as blandly as she could.
    "Y-you do?" a voice asked. She turned around and saw Sparkles* standing there. Ridge!
    "Um well uh," Iznj stuttered. Then Ridge flew off leaving them alone.
    "He's gone," Sparkles* told her.
    "Oh thank god," she sighed.
    "So why did you need me?" he asked.
    "Oh well Toon and I are I guess having this Valentines Day party thing I guess and I wanted to know the other part to love," she told him.
    "Well there's one part of you, you loose, and another you reiceve, and one to share," he informed her. 
    "THAT'S IT! Thanks Sparks*," she said "Oh and um do you want to uh come with me you know to the uh party thing," she added.
    "Sure," he said. 
    "Cool," she exclaimed and flew off. Then she turned around and remembered she hadn't taught him to fly yet. 
    "I'll just walk," she laughed. 
    "Yeah," he replied.

Camp (Totallyt)

    "Do you guys know where Toon and my sister are!?" Toby asked as he ran into the middle of camp. It was still just Simon and Lalna there but Sips had just passed through.
    "No the only person we saw was Sips and I think he fell into a ravine," Lalna laughed.
    "Because Littlewood and I haven't seen them all day," he said in a worried voice. 
    "I bet they're fine they're strong," Simon told him. 
    "But Iznj's half blind and there are crazy armies of endermen after us," he yelled.
    "Half blind!" the two men exclaimed at the same time.
    "It's true," Littlewood said as he hopped over to his friend.
    "Well that awnsers a lot of questions," Simon joked.
    "It's not funny! She hasn't always been half blind so she's not used to it," Totallyt yelled.
    "Calm down! If they both left they're probably together," Lalna said reasonably.
    "True," he sighed. Then Toon, Kaeyi, and Minty walked into camp happily.
    "Kaeyi!," Littlewood exclaimed.
    "Rylee!" Totallyt squeeked.
    "Hey where's Sjin?" Minty asked. Lalna pointed over to a tent that was obviously Sjin's because it was made of dirt. 
    "Where's Iznj?" Totallyt asked.
    "She's not with us, she went on her own mini adventure,"Toon said.
    "WHAT!?" Totallyt yelled.
    "Um Totallyt are you okay," Rylee asked.
    "You guys let a half blind girl wander the world alone!" he yelled at them.
    "Toon did it," Kaeyi and Rylee said blaiming their friend.
    "Thanks for protecting me guys. Your true friends," she moaned sarcasticly.
    "Where did she go?" he asked.
    "To our secret portal," she said simply.
    "I need to save her," he squeeked.
    "She's fine," Rylee said calmly as she grabbed the mouse.
    "I hope so," he growled.


    "Wait so your half blind?" Sparkles* asked Iznj after she ran into a tree.
    "Yeah I guess so," she laughed.
    "How?" he asked.
    "When I was little I think I was playing with a firefly or something and I guess it was annoyed enough to risk his own death and he flew into my eye and I had nobody with me and after a few days I couldn't see but I don't remember it well," she said simply.
    "Wow who knew fireflys were so dangerous," Sparkles* laughed.
    "I know right," she replied "Oh here we are! So you've used this portal before with the underwater cave and stuff," she added as she stood infront of the portal.
    "Yep," he exclaimed.
    "Cool now just remember to hold your breath and that's all it takes," she informed him. 
    Soon they were in the forest above the lake but a little wet. After walking for what felt like hours they finally saw the camp. 
    "Yes we're here!" Iznj exclaimed. They walked over and straght away Totallyt ran and hugged his sister.
    "Hi bro," she said picking him up. She turned and saw all of her friends well most of them. Were Lomadia, Lewis, and Zoeya still sad.
    "Hey were's Lewis, Lomadia, and Zoeya?" she asked.
    "Well they have problems we can't fix," Rylee said darkly.
    "Let me talk to them," Iznj said. She flew over to the tent were Zoeya was and found a big hole in the middle of it. She jumped into it and saw it was a tunnel to a computer room. In it there were screens with the names and descriptions of everyone Zoeya knew. 
    "Zoeya!" she yelled. She read them and was surprized by what she saw. Then the final one she read was her's.
    Name: Iznj
    Codename: Blue alchemist
    Threat level: I think allied
    Weekness: Lots but mostly her brother
    Last location: Warning subject is very close
    Notes: She seems to always cover her right eye with her hair 
    Power level: Not low but not high

    She staired at it for a bit and read it over and over. Then Zoeya walked in. 
    "Oh Iznj uh how much have you seen?" she asked nervously.
    "All of it. Why do you have this?" she replied.
    "I've always had these," she sighed a little ashamed of herself.
    "Well let me guess you know where Rythian is with this," she pointed out.  
    "Yeah I guess," she said.
    "Well we are having a party thing I guess do you want to join us?" she asked.
    "Sure," Zoeya said. 
    Next was Lewis and Lomadia.
    Soon enough she was arguing with them.
    "Yes in away it's true," she yelled. 
    "In away that's not yes for a fact," Lewis growled. After about an hour of this Toon came in.
    "What's going on?" she asked.  
    "I'm trying to point out to them that in away Lewis is Xephos and Lomadia is Hannah so they should stop their complaining and enjoy Valentines Day,"she hissed. After about another two or so hours they FINALLY came to an agreement.
    Soon everyone was actully 'enjoying' themselves. 
    "So your blind in your right eye?" Rylee asked her friend.
    "Yeah," she said simply.
    "Oh now it makes sence," a voice laughed.
    "Ridge I think I've had enough of you today," she growled without turning around.
    "Hey can't I join the party?" the red haired man asked.
    "Ridge why do you do this to me?" she hissed.
    "Because you don't fear me," he said.
    "Why would I need to?" she asked as she turned around.
    "This is exactly what I mean," he moaned.
    "Um can you elaborate?" Rylee asked. Iznj realized all her friends where still standing there. Oops!
    "Let me explain," Iznj growled. After she explained the whole story her friends completly understood what she ment. 
    After a lot of talking they desided to let Ridge stay even though Iznj defenetly fought it, but he was actully pretty fun to have around even though she didn't admitted it. Maybe Valentines Day wasn't that bad at all. 
    At the same time a grey man walked into the camp. Sips! He ran over to Lalna and Simon. 
    "Simon, Lalna guess what happened!" he exclaimed.
    "Um Sjin is over there if you want to talk to him," Lalna said nervously.
    "I know he's with Minty but you two arn't dating," he said.
    "Well I-" Lalna started.
    "Whatever. I got gunpowder and I ended up at a pond so I got suger cane," he told them.
    "We can make fireworks can't we?" Simon asked.
    "Exactly!" Sips exclaimed. So the three men ran off to make fireworks.
    Meanwhile Lomadia and Lewis had been talking.
    "I guess she's sort of right," Lewis mummbled.
    "What do you mean?" she asked.
    "I guess in a way you are Hannah and I guess I am um Xephos," he explained. 
    "I guess so Xephos," she laughed. 
    "Yeah your right Hannah," he replied. They laughed at their own jokes (sad I know) then realized something.
    "Hey Lomadia do you think I will ever get back to well to my own life I guess?" he asked.
    "I know so," she told him happily. Then
    BAM BAM BAM! Explosions! Everyone looked up and saw glowing strands of color and beauty. Fireworks! 
    Iznj smiled as she and everyone else watched the show. Then she flew up into the clouds and saw three lions sitting on clouds. One was glowing purple, one green, and one teal. They all just smiled at her and she laughed a bit before she flew back down to the surface. It was a well Yogtines day to remember. 
    "Happy Valentines Day," Sparkles* whispered to her.
    "Happy Valentines Day, she whispered back. 
    "Hey I forgot to ask you! How did you find me?" he asked.
    "I'm not afraid and I'm not alone," she sang and almost as if they had to she, Sparkles*, Martyn, Kaeyi, Rylee, Toon, and even Toby sang                       
    "because your with me in my dreams. Your with me tonight," and so on. It was the perfect Valentines Day. NO! It was the perfext Yogtines Day.
Yay I finished
Anyway lot's o' song quotes and stuff sooooo yeah

everyting that isn't mine (c) their owners
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ToonPrincessZeldaFan Feb 14, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
Dawwww! Awesome!
I LOVE the Area 11 'Shi No Barodo' reference at the end!!! >w< Made my day!!!!
iznj Feb 14, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
I really wanted to make a reference to that song so today (during school because I finished this chapter TODAY) I came up with that
ToonPrincessZeldaFan Feb 14, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
XD It fits perfectly cause its Valentine's/Forever Alone Day!
iznj Feb 14, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist

:iconforeveraloneplz: Well I do have my mini imagenary video game charicters, Youtubers, and OCs but most of them are dating too
ToonPrincessZeldaFan Feb 14, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
ikr? *Soooooo doesn't have a fangirl crush on Martyn and Link* XD
iznj Feb 14, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
Hee hee well Link got Zelda and Martyn got his panda
ToonPrincessZeldaFan Feb 14, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
XD But, a fangirl can dream, can't they? >w<
iznj Feb 14, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
True (remember I got OCs of my own AND others so ya never know)
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dragoncat48 Feb 14, 2013  Hobbyist Artist
iznj Feb 14, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
Thank youz
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