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Sugar by iznj Sugar by iznj

Name: Sara "Sugar" McVolt (the 3rd)
Age: 13
Ability: Volt Absorb
Height: 5'01"


-A necklace her mom gave here (never really wears it) 

-A journal and a pencil 

-A stuffed Electrike that her dad bought for her in 5th grade when she (as all children do) broke her arm

and that is all to her name (well that and like 20$)







Sugar is a kind, bouncy, and odd young girl. She is kind because she helps people out, and is nice to everyone she meets in life. Because of this she's made many friends...and enemies. Even though her kindness is an issue the bounciness is more of one. Though it has kept her "healthy" and helped her in sports such as: None. And in class she is often in trouble or distracting the class due to her messing around with things, and getting in trouble a lot. Also, she is quite odd. Sorry let me rephrase that. She is VERY odd. She will mutter odd sayings, and things during class, sometimes write unsettling things in her LA journal, and don't get me STARTED on the inside of her brain. Why she is like this nobody knows, but as a child she did disappear in the forest a lot. Strangeness.

History: Born as the youngest (at the time) into a family of three (three Shinxes...she was the only Pachirisu) with parents of a Pachirisu and a Luxray. Her family was not exactly the richest though. Every child had taken on a job to feed the family. Sugar worked at a place where she just had to collect things like sugarcane and flowers. She rarely questioned her job even though it was odd. As for school Sugar was quite good...though it was just Elementary School. For Middle School her friend and co-worker, a Kirlia, told her there was a scholarship for a great school. Sugar took this as a chance to learn better, and get somewhere in life. However, the only way to GET the scholarship was to get all A's, and they have to appeal to the school's headmaster.


After months of hard work, blood, sweat, and lots of tears Sugar graduated from 7th grade...and she did NOT make it into the school. Though her grades were fine she had spent far too much time on all that, and the worrying to focus on the extra curricular, and that type of stuff. She was crushed, and thought that she'd never be smart enough to take care of her family...then it happened. She got home, and her parents told her they raised enough money for her to go to a certain school called PokeInstitute. She did not know what the school was or anything so her, and her dad went to visit it, and she decided to go. Honestly Sugar realized the school she wanted to go to was silly and overrated anyways. She is now in 8th grade at PokeInstitute. 

Other Information: 

-Her family now is 

2 male Shinxes, 1 female Shinx, her, and a male Pachirisu

-I based her off of my female Pachirisu on my Pokemon Pearl (my first game) who somehow made it through the Elite 4 twice...this one has a better moveset, and I think some other things are different too *never bothered to check things like nature* 

 -Rp rules…

Fixed the bold!

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