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March 16, 2013
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Sparklestar by iznj Sparklestar by iznj
((Little art update, and I toned down her green eye just a tad...her design as a whole still bothers me a bit))

A sparkle of hope is among the stars

Name: Sparklekit/Sparkle/ Sparklepetal/Sparklestar

Gender: She-cat

Rank: Leader

Age: About 50 moons

Clan: Leafclan

Mentor/Apprentice: N/A

Stripe- ??- ??- Flamestripe

Parents: Unknown

Pelt color: Ginger

Eyes: Blue and Green

Born as a Leafclan kit Sparklekit was always very happy living with her brother, Barkkit, her sister, Amberkit, and her friends Shiningkit, and Shadowkit. She had not met her mother, but she never cared because she, and her brother loved their dad, Bearstar, lots! Amberkit, however, was always curious about her mother. Then one cold, leafbare night a rouge came to camp, and spoke to Bearstar. Next thing they knew Sparklekit, Barkkit, and Amberkit were leaving Leafclan with the rouge that they learned was their mother.

The three kits had traveled all the way to the twoleg place. Well two for Amberkit had died during the travel. For moons the two lived with their mother. Barkkit, or now Bark, enjoyed the simple life, but Sparklekit, or Sparkle, wanted to explore. So one day she ran away from her brother and mom. The young she-cat lived alone on the streets, not knowing anything about them. For a little while she was starved. That was until she met Stripe. He was a white tom with beautiful orange stripes. He helped Sparkle survive and they became great friends. Then it happened. Two cats with teeth in their collars attacked, kidnapped them, and forced them to become one of them. Life as one of them was not too bad, but after a while when Sparkle, and Stripe were a little older they were forced to have kits. When Sparkle finally kited she had three kits, one tom, and two she-cats. The she-cats died at birth, but the tom survived. Sparkle started to love her life with her kit, and her, now mate, Stripe. Everything was good until one day a battle happened. Sparkle was still nursing her kit, Flame, but Stripe fought in it, and died. After that Sparkle ran away, found her brother, left her son with him, and ran off to find Leafclan.

When she came back to Leafclan she was happy to be back with her dad...though he had changed lots along with the clan. She did not think about it too much, and quickly became friends with Tawnyheart, the deputy, and other cats including her old friend who was now named Shiningheart. After a little time it felt like she never left. She earned the warrior name of Sparklepetal, and had trained two apprentices. Then the battle happened. Cloudclan invaded camp. She fought with all her strength, and felt like a warrior. Then she saw a shadow chase Bearstar to his den. Sparklepetal ran after it. When she finally caught up with them, in the den, all she saw was Tawnyheart covered in Bearstar's blood with his dead body in front of her. The deputy told her that she would make Sparklepetal deputy if she kept quiet, and if anyone asked about Bearstar's death she would say it was a Cloudclanner. Then she explained how she had been tricking Bearstar the whole time to become a tyrant. Sparklepetal was shocked by all of this, but acted like it was normal.

As deputy Sparklepetal felt like everything was a lie, and that someone else deserved her position. She was still an okay deputy, and became leader not too long after she became deputy, due to a battle with Cloudclan in which she died along with Posionstar, Cloudclan's leader. At that moment in time she, and their deputy, Rainnose, became leader. She chose her friend Shiningheart as her deputy, and after that is present time!


Kind- "A-are you okay" Sparklepetal mewed as she looked down at her friend, with a thorn in her shoulder. Sparklestar LOVES to help out anyone she can, and happily will. It's important to do that as a leader. A mean leader means fear of you from your own clan.

Clever- "All we have to do is sneak over there, and I'll be like we NEVER left camp," Sparklekit whispered to her brother and sister. Even as a child Sparklestar had been very good at getting out of situations. Which is good because she always got into trouble.

Playful/Fun- "Got your tail!" Sparklestar purred as she grabbed her brothers tail, and batted it around kitishly. Even as a leader Sparklestar is still as mature as a young apprentice. This does NOT affect her leadership...much. In the end even though she is leader, and has to be serious sometimes, Sparklestar just likes to have fun

:new:Crazy?- "SHUT UP!" Sparklestar's voice rang through the camp, as she yelled at the voices in her head. Basically Sparklestar has voices in her head...'nough said


Mother: A kind rouge who left the clan when they followed Leafstar. ((Name unknown))
Father: A strong leader of the clan. ((Bearstar))
Brother: A smart brown tom with ginger paws and ear tips. ((Barkheart))
Sister: A sassy ginger she-cat with brown paws ((Amberkit, dead))
Aunt: A evil cream she-cat ((Tawnystar))
Son: A striped orange tom ((Flamestripe))
Daughter in law: A kind pointed cat ((Glasspool))
Grandkits: Four awesome kits born to a pointed she-cat and striped orange tom ((Aubernkit, Rustkit, Foxkit, Scorchkit))
Adopted kit n' law: An amber pointed kit ((Frostkit))

Build: Long legs
Fur type: Medium length
Size: The height of the average full grown she-cat (normal)
Scent: She smells like honey :3
Breed: Very mixed bread

Orientation: Straight
Preferences: A LASTING relationship
Looking for: A Leafclan tom who loves me

Theme Song ((Ideas? No...okay))

Lives Lost:

1st- On
2nd- N/A
3rd- N/A
4th- N/A
5th- N/A
6th- N/A
7th- N/A
8th- N/A
9th- N/A

Loyaltly-Kindness-A nice, safe, happy clan- Badgerleap- family

Betrayal-Meanness-A scared, hurt, sad clan- Tawneystar

:bulletred:= love
:heart: = mate
:sun: = apprentice
:bulletorange: = Family
:bulletyellow: = Crush/attraction
:bulletgreen: = Friend
:bulletblue: = Close/best friend
:bulletpurple: = Respect/ Honor
:bulletwhite: = Neutral
:bulletblack: = Hate with all her heart
:skull: = Dead

:bulletblue::bulletred: Shiningheart- You're an awesome deputy dude! ((dude my brother has a HUGE crush on you...just saying))
:bulletgreen: Fernheart
:bulletblue::bulletorange::bulletred: Barkheart- My
:bulletblue::bulletorange::bulletred: Flamestripe- You are no mistake. I love you honey
:bulletgreen: Shadowfire- My deputy's brother. Thank you for being a friend of my son's, and of mine
:bulletblue::skull: Tigerstripe- Your death was very saddening
:bulletwhite: Mudeyes- Your not exactly my friend, but whatever
:bulletwhite: Sunstreak- Still a little mad
:bulletgreen: Glasspool- Heh I am glad you have had my grandkits
:bulletyellow::bulletgreen: Badgerleap- Heh heh heh hi there
:bulletblue::bulletred: Weepinglight- I love you like a sister, and I trust you with all my secrets. Don't make me regret that okay
:sun::bulletgreen: Spottedstream- My apprentice! I'm very proud of you
:bulletwhite: Frostpaw- So young. So dumb...but I don't care. You shall learn...I hope
:bulletgreen::skull: Runningkit- You were a good kit.

:bulletgreen: Rainstar- I think we ended this!

:bulletgreen: Talonstar- :3

:bulletgreen: Aspenstar- Your a great leader!

:bulletwhite: Hemlockstar- Er...meow

:bulletwhite: Nice head voice- At least you're nice I guess
:bulletblack: Mean head voice- GET OUT OF MY HEAD!!!!!

RP example:

(Tots not stolen from a comment RP with M1lk-Ch3rry)

Though she couldn't speak Cougarfall giggled a bit at everything the apprentice said. He just babbled around about everything, but it was entertaining. 
Oh Loudpaw. What will happen when YOU have to sit your silent ceremony. You could never do it, I know it. But yeah what ABOUT a family. I mean Loudpaw and I are just friends, but everyone else pretty much just scares me. M-maybe someone will come along! I mean I do like Loudpaw, but he...he's just a friend! Stop thinking about that Cougarfall it's dumb. As her mind raced she didn't realize the amber leader who had appeared up at the entrance with them. 
"Loudpaw. Cougarfall has to be silent! Don't bother her," she giggled. Honestly she didn't mind the apprentice there, but it was her duty as leader to at least go over it, in case it was bothering her. However Cougarfall just shook her head quickly. For a moment Sparklestar was confused, but soon realized what she meant.
"Well if he's no issue then he can stay. It's nice to see you have a friend. I worried about you," she smiled. With a little wink towards the warrior, so that Loudpaw couldn't see, she padded off to her den, leaving the young warrior with a nervous look on her face. Did the leader really think she liked Loudpaw? Did she like him? Well she had a whole night to stay up and think about it.

Everything (c) Owners
((Updating them all...wish me luck OwO))
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Wow! Amazing update, I love it!
iznj 17 hours ago  Hobbyist General Artist
iznj 17 hours ago  Hobbyist General Artist
And thank you for the poiiints :3
Well it was your bday I couldn't resist
iznj 10 hours ago  Hobbyist General Artist
Brin-and-Tonic 4 days ago  New member
yay new ref! ^^

happy early birthday btw~ <3
iznj 4 days ago  Hobbyist General Artist
Yep! 4 more to go...*dies*

Thank you lots dear :3
Brin-and-Tonic 4 days ago  New member
and how old are you going to be? ^U^
iznj 4 days ago  Hobbyist General Artist
I shall tell everyone at my stream on Thursday, and my stream on Thursday only! (or I might have mentioned it in the poll that TWG did...might of)
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